Roosevelt Lake, The World’s Largest Man-Made Lake

Well known as the world’s largest man-made, Roosevelt lake is the oldest of the six reservoirs constructed and operated by the Salt River Project. It also has the largest storage capacity of the SRP lakes, with the ability to store 1,653,043 acre feet (2.039 km3) of water when the conservation limit of Roosevelt Dam is reached. When the dam is in flood-control mode, the lake can store 2,910,200 acre⋅ft (3.590 km3) of water.

How was it formed?

When Roosevelt Lake was formed behind the dam in 1911, it became the world’s largest man-made lake. Even though it has been suppressed globally, it is still the largest lake or reservoir located entirely within Arizona. The project  plays a vital role in hydroelectric power and agriculture.

It is located in Gila County, Arizona. It sits approximately 60 miles northeast of Phoenix and 30 miles northwest of Globe.

This lake has a variety of fish such as bass, catfish, crappie, bream (bluegill and sunfish species), and much more!

Recreational activities at the Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Lake is a well liked recreation destination within the Tonto National Forest; the facilities located at this lake are managed by that authority. Water-skiing, jet-skiing, swimming and general boating recreation makes Roosevelt lake one the most favorite water recreation destinations. This lake is a wildlife refuge area and is great for bird and other wildlife watching.

How to get there from Phoenix

From North Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale. Take Beeline Highway (Highway 87) north to Highway 188. Take 188 south for about 40 miles passing through Jake’s Corner and Punkin Center to Lake Roosevelt. The route is all paved.

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