How to Ride a Jet Ski, tips for new riders

Are you thinking about going for a jet ski ride during this summer time but are unsure about it because it would be your first time? If this is your situation, you are in the right place. In this post, we are sharing some tips on how to handle the jet ski like a pro from the beginning.

Some facts about jet skis

  • A jet ski refers to any type of personal watercraft used mainly for recreation.
  • There are two types of jet skis: stand up and sit down. With stand up jet ski you must have a good balance – don’t think about using this jet ski if you think you have bad equilibrium.
  • You only control the jet ski when the throttle is on! (There are some newer models that can maintain their steering without the application of the throttle.)

To ride the jet ski, make sure you understand how it works and that all of its functions are working properly. Before maneuvering the jet ski, verify you’ve properly learned its controls.

Tips for new jet ski riders

Safety first. At Time to Ride AZ, we always focus on your safety. The first step to having fun riding a jet ski is having your safety gear with you and properly setting it up (all the required equipment for jet ski riders).

A fuel gauge is a must. You won’t want to miss the fun because you’re running out of gas.

There are a few items we recommend that you have when riding a jet ski: first aid kit, sunscreen, required safety gear that we mentioned before, clothing with UPF protection, and safety lanyard.

How to ride the jet ski

  • Driving the jet ski. Find yourself in a position where you feel comfortable and safe.  Put your hands on the handlebars and feet firmly in the footrests.
  • Have the key attached to the lanyard – this is a protection for you. In case you fall off the engine will turn off. This is known as the kill switch cord.
  • Now it’s time to get the jet ski started. Turn the jet ski ignition switch.
  • Start by trying the throttle sensitivity, this way you can go at your own pace.
  • Once you’re away from the shore, you can increase speed gradually until you feel you can handle some speed.
  • Keep your jet ski ride steady, slow speed and lean toward the direction you wish to turn and if you have passengers have them do the same.
  • When you need to get speed, accelerate slowly.
  • Now you’re ready to start your water adventure!

Final recommendations

  • It’s crucial to learn how to accelerate your jet ski before going any further to avoid an incident.
  • Keeping enough distance from others can prevent an incident, you never know how fast others boats can move.
  • While turning, you have to lean with the jet ski, but just as long as you feel comfortable and keep the balance on the jet ski.

Time To Ride AZ Jet Ski Rental

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