Riding a UTV/ATV it the Arizona Desert

Arizona is located in a privileged geographic region, being the only state in the United States that contains four separate deserts, each with a unique environment, flora, and fauna. These are the Chihuahuan, the Mojave, the Great Basin, and the massive Sonoran, taking up most of the southwest and central part of the state.

If you’re planning to visit the Arizona Desert, but you can’t decide on which part, this blog post is intended to make your decision easier by providing reasons why going to the Sonoran Desert is the best choice to have an unforgettable adventure.

The Sonoran Desert

The desert has various unique and endemic flora and fauna, one of the most popular, the saguaro cactus(iconic of Arizona symbols) and organ pipe cactus. The Sonoran Desert turns shades of yellow, purple, red, white, and pink during the wildflower season, from March to mid-April. It’s an astonishing natural spectacle.

The Sonoran Desert surrounds Phoenix, which provides many opportunities outdoors to explore the unique beauty of the desert, such as hiking, biking, and riding designated trails with a UTV/ATV.

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Exploring the Sonoran Desert riding a UTV/ATV

To explore with energy and calm part of the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, you have to do it by riding a UTV/ATV. It’s extremely fun to do! You and your family & friends will have the opportunity to explore the desert at your own pace; with an off-road vehicle, there is no rush. You can enjoy the view from the desert hills while taking some pictures of the unique, pretty plants from there.

Riding a UTV/ATV, also known as side-by-side, in the designated trails at the Desert Sonoran is one of the most exciting activities to do in Arizona and a relaxing outdoor activity that you can’t miss!

Exploring the Sonoran Desert riding a UTV/ATV

Nowadays, taking in the fresh air has never been more exciting, riding into the scenic desert trails or riding a Jet Ski into the amazing Lake Bartlett and Lake Pleasant during summertime. At Time to Ride AZ, we provide everything you need to have an awesome and safe adventure while keeping a social distance and spending time with nature.

Time to Ride AZ is the closest to the Tonto National Forest. It features some of the most ruggedly beautiful lands in the country. Our designated trail is perfect for all riders, from beginner to experienced. Contact us to book your next ATV/UTV adventure!

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