Tips to keep mud from sticking your ATV/UTV vehicle

Nothing is more exciting than riding an off-road vehicle. It’s known that on off-road trails, you will encounter mud, a big enemy of UTV/ATV cleaning. At Time to Ride AZ, we have good news! We’re sharing some useful tips to keep mud from sticking to your off-road vehicle.

UTV/ATVs were designed to operate in off-road environments with mud. If you constantly drive in muddy trails, you should be on point with cleaning and preventive maintenance of your off-road vehicle.

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Tips to keep mud from sticking to UTV/ATVs

A pretty basic recommendation: wash your UTV/ATV after each ride, even if you do not use it to ride in muddy trails very often. To learn more about how to properly clean your off-road vehicle, visit our previous post: how to properly clean your ATV/UTV.

There are a variety of products in the market you can choose from that will provide effective protection from sticky mud and dirt by creating a protective barrier. The majority of the time, if not all the time, these products must be applied after your vehicle is clean and dry. We encourage every rider to read the product instructions and ask for recommendations at the store before applying.

For the best results, ensure you apply a good amount in all the vehicle’s recommended areas, then you can start having fun at your favorite trail.

Importance of keep mud from sticking your UTV/ATV


Mud can look easy to remove and harmless, and it is if you get rid of it on time. The issue is when you can do it, it can lead to an unsightly and permanent stain.

Keeping your off-road vehicle out of mud helps to prevent rust, weak performance, and airflow.

Remember, unattended mud can cause damage to your off-road vehicle. Mud is an odd substance, as it is a liquid that dries into a solid; because of this, it can get just about anywhere in your ATV/UTV vehicle if left to its own devices.

Mud can get into any part of your off-road vehicle, that’s why it’s crucial to get rid of any mud as soon as possible to prevent damage.

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We hope you found this information handy. Contact us if your off-road vehicle needs maintenance, has any electrical issue, or you want to have an unforgettable adventure riding in the desert.

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