How to Clean Your ATV/UTV Battery Corrosion

Most of us have been there before. You turn the key on your vehicle and… nothing happens. You don’t even hear the telltale clicking of the starter solenoid. Very often, battery corrosion on the battery terminals is preventing a good connection. A very frustrating moment indeed. What can you do? You won’t have to worry about it. In this post, we share some tips on how to clean your off-road battery corrosion.

Easy steps to clean your ATV/UTV battery corrosion

  • It’s pretty basic yet very important to remember that your ATV/UTV has to be turned off so you can remove the battery.
  • You will need water and baking soda (you need to mix them to create a solution and smear it on the terminals).
  • Always avoid touching with your bare hands and use a wire brush to remove the majority of the corroded material. You’ll see the mixture eat the corrosion away. If you don’t have a wire brush, you can also use a toothbrush if you want to get more detailed.
  • Wipe off any excess solution from the terminals with a rag or paper towel.
  • Let your battery dry completely before reconnecting the terminals to your off-road vehicle.

Removing corrosion from your battery is an easy and fast way to get the most out of it. We recommend you also use this process after long periods of storage to ensure an optimal connection between the battery and the machine. 

How to prevent battery corrosion?

Preventing is always the best way, and it doesn’t require that much time. You need to apply battery-terminal grease to the terminals to help prevent corrosion. It’s easy to find at any auto parts store.

There are other products that you can apply on terminals to create a protective coating that wards off corrosion.

Final recommendations:

Before going on a trail with your off-road vehicle, check your battery status. Make sure it looks clean at least one day before your trip.

If you haven’t used your ATV/UTV for a long time, you’ll need to run through your battery maintenance checklist before going on a ride. Keep in mind that the terminal’s condition is essential for a good function.

We hope to have provided easy and useful tips on how to clean corroded battery terminals so you can keep your battery functioning properly and extend its lifespan.

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