The Perfect Summer Destination; The Sonoran Desert

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Looking for the best summer destination?

If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place. At Time to Ride AZ we want to share with you why the Sonoran Desert is the perfect summer destination.

The Sonoran Desert is Just a 1.20 minutes drive away from Phoenix.  Phoenix is the capital and most populous city in Arizona. It is also the fifth most populous city in the United States, and the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents.  The Sonoran Desert is a well known family friendly destination with some of the best recreational opportunities around.

Even Though Phoenix is known as the valley of the sun because of the amount of sun it receives, the name also comes from the Valley Salt River, in which the city lies. With this in mind not many people, other than locals, know that Phoenix is surrounded by water.

But what makes the Sonoran Desert a magical place to visit during summer?

Essentially breathtaking views, rivers, lakes,  a surprising variety of plants and animals that the Sonoran Desert has to offer. 

To enjoy this amazing combination there is a unique outdoor activity to fit in your perfect summer vacation, jet ski!

Riding a Jet Ski

Watercraft/jet ski rentals have become very popular because you not only will have fun, but at the same time, you are doing physical exercise and releasing stress. With proper guidance and by following these safety tips, you will release adrenaline. Riding a jet ski is easier than it may seem. You do not need to be a pro! That is another reason why jet ski rentals have gained great approval and popularity. Riding them is a great fun activity for family and friends.

Another great reason to enjoy a splash with a jet ski rental at Lake Bartlett and Lake Pleasant is that during summer, it’s common to find hotel deals of 30% to 40% off in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.

Experience the thrill of summer as you ride a jet ski across the Sonoran Desert’s stunning Lake Bartlett and Lake Pleasant. These beautiful desert lakes offer the perfect setting for an exciting adventure on the water.

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate the pristine waters of Lake Bartlett.

Surrounded by the breathtaking Sonoran Desert landscape, Whether you’re a seasoned jet ski enthusiast or a beginner, the calm and refreshing waters of Lake Bartlett provide an ideal environment for an unforgettable summer experience.

So, gear up and get ready for an exhilarating ride as you explore the Sonoran Desert’s lakes on a jet ski. The combination of stunning natural beauty and the excitement of jet skiing is sure to make your summer memorable.

Jet Ski Rental at Bartlett Lake and Lake Pleasant with Time to Ride # 1 Tours Rental Company in Cave Creek, AZ

Make your summer vacation remarkable with the ride of a lifetime on our Yamaha WaveRunners EX Deluxe or VX Cruisers, spending the day at the astonishing Lake Pleasant and Lake Bartlett. These two lakes are some of the well-liked recreation destinations within the Tonto National Forest. Don’t hesitate and contact us to book your next rental jet ski!

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