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Where to ride my ATV/UTV in Phoenix

Where to Ride an ATV/UTV in Phoenix? There are times in our life that we feel like we’re missing something, and if you’re wondering what that is; it’s adrenaline! It doesn’t matter what type of activities you like or what type of person you are, you will enjoy some adrenaline in your life from time to time.

At Time to Ride AZ we have the best options for you:  from thrilling ATV rides, to high-speed jet-ski adventures, there’s also rugged power of Can-Am, and lets not leave out the luxury of Polaris RZR rentals. 

In this article we want to provide you with some helpful information as to where you can ride your ATV/UTV motorsport in Phoenix. 

Here are some popular ATV riding areas in and around Phoenix:

Table Mesa Recreation Area:

Located north of Phoenix, it offers a variety of trails for off-road enthusiasts, including ATVs. Make sure to check for any regulations and trail conditions before heading out.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park:

The park, northwest of Phoenix, provides ATV opportunities in designated areas. It’s a beautiful location with scenic views and diverse terrain. During summer is a great option to have an unforgettable jet ski ride.

Box Canyon OHV Area:

Situated near Florence, southeast of Phoenix, this area offers challenging trails for off-road vehicles, including ATVs. It’s important to check the current conditions and any restrictions in place.

Four Peaks Recreation Area:

East of Phoenix, this area has numerous trails suitable for ATVs. It provides a mix of desert landscapes and mountainous terrain.

Tonto National Forest:

The Tonto National Forest released the final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and draft Record of Decision (ROD) on October 4, 2019. The 2005 Travel Management Rule requires that all National Forest System lands designate roads, trails, and areas for motor vehicle travel, and with the predecisional objection process.

Florence Junction OHV Area:

Located east of Florence, it’s a popular spot for off-road enthusiasts. The area has a variety of trails for different skill levels.

Before heading to any of these locations, it’s essential to check the following:

Regulations: Ensure you are aware of any rules and regulations for ATV riding in the specific area.

Permits: Some areas may require permits for off-road activities, so check if you need one for the chosen location.

Trail Conditions: Verify the current trail conditions, as they can change based on weather and maintenance. To learn more about trails at the Sonoran Desert read our blog post here. 

Additionally, local ATV clubs and online forums can be valuable resources for information on the best places to ride and current trail conditions. Always prioritize safety and follow responsible riding practices to ensure a positive experience for both you and others enjoying the outdoors.

ATV/UTV Rentals at Time to Ride AZ

Time to Ride AZ in Cave Creek, AZ, offers a wide range of rental options, from ATV and Can-Am to Polaris RZR and Jet-Ski rentals. We are the #1 self guided ATV and UTV tour rental in Arizona. Contact us and book your next amazing adventure. 

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