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Eye Protection When Riding a UTV/ATV

To completely enjoy outdoor sports, we need to focus on being safe and having fun. Using the proper protective gear will help you keep you safe, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your fun without worry!

Besides using a helmet,  protecting your eyesight by wearing a good pair of goggles is very important when riding your UTV/ATV. Being able to see clearly is crucial because it helps you prevent any minor or major accident.

Vision is a priority when it comes to riding trails. Goggles not only protect, but in some cases enhance your vision, which will allow you to go as fast as your riding ability will let you.

Do I need to use my goggles during any trail riding? The answer is pretty simple: yes, and here’s why:

Keep in mind that there are different types of trails. They can have sand, a lot of trees, cacti and plenty of other plant life.  Hanging branches can hit your eyes, causing permanent damage, and dirt flying up can get in your eyes, limiting your visibility. Don’t forget about dust, mud, and little bugs too.

What type of goggles do I need?

There is a type of goggle for each specific need, but the most important thing we recommend when riding a UTV/ATV is to make sure your goggles fit you properly.

Secure fit

A pair of goggles that move around isn’t comfortable and won’t do the job right. They will cause you to become distracted and allow dust and debris to get in your eyes. To avoid this, choose goggles with a thick, adjustable strap that pulls tight and stays in place. A silicone strap is best because it keeps your goggles stuck to your helmet.

Good Face Foam

Make sure you choose goggles that have a good, non-irritating foam lining. Most goggles come with double or triple-layer foam technology that soaks up sweat and moisture, preventing it from running down your face or into your eyes. No rider wants sweat dripping into their eyes or on their lens, clouding their vision.

Gear Protection at Time to Ride AZ

With all of our rentals, we want to make sure you have all the safety gear you need for your adventure through the desert. All rental equipment comes with helmets, goggles and cold bottled water. ATV rentals will also have the option for gloves. Time to Ride AZ will make your desert adventure a joy to remember. Book your reservation with us today!

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