utv/atv flips over

What Should I Do If My ATV/UTV Flips Over?

If you like the adventure and love breathtaking scenarios, you must definitely be a UTV/ATV rider. One common concern when riding an ATV/UTV  is what to do when it flips over. Let’s explore this issue:

Flipping your ATV/UTV can happen in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, the likelihood of UTV rollovers is low – but they can still happen. There are various reasons that could cause your ATV/UTV to flip over, like accelerating too quickly for example.

Here some tips how to prevent your ATV or UTV from flip over:

  • When riding uphill, don’t do it too quickly because it may cause your ATV or UTV to roll over backwards.
  • When riding downhill don’t shift too much weight forward, apply your front brakes too quickly, or try to back up the hill. Otherwise your ATV or UTV may roll forward.
  • Be extremely careful when riding on uneven terrain because it can shift the machine’s weight to one side, causing your ATV to tip and roll over.
  • Avoid accelerating rapidly from a stopping position, or your ATV’s front wheel may lift off the ground. This could cause the ATV to roll over backwards.
  • You shouldn’t accelerate rapidly while turning a corner, because your ATV may slide sideways (“fishtail”).

What Should I do before going back to the trail?

First things first – ensure that you and your partners (if you are riding with company) are safe.

You should check if your ATV/UTV parts are in good conditions to go back to the trail. It’s very important to check that the handbrake is working properly, check that there isn’t a cable bent down or any damage.

It’s recommended to wait 5 minutes to get your vehicle rolled back into the rubber side down position again.

Remember to wait for a good 5 minutes to get the oil to settle, then check all the fluids.  Inspect the controls and make sure nothing broke. Start by riding it easy and slow for a minute turning in both directions, stopping and starting, etc.  If everything is ok, go back to the trail, and keep enjoying your ride.

A slow rollover, or tip wouldn’t cause any major injury besides little scratches and a new story to tell. At Time to Ride AZ we highly encourage you, when riding a UTV/ATV to wear the proper gear; it will allow you to drive safely and have the best experience of the trail.

Time to Ride AZ

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