The proper way to load and unload a jet ski

Jet skiing is a fun activity you can enjoy by yourself or with company. It helps reduce stress; it will refresh your mind and you’ll forget about your concerns.

One of the biggest difficulties that new jet ski riders have is loading and unloading their jet skis from the water. Don’t worry! After reading this post, you will learn the proper way to load and unload your jet ski.

First thing first, let’s learn about what to check before to take your jet ski on a ride

  • Make sure it starts up. You won’t want to have your jet ski already in the water and realize that it won’t start.
  • Very obvious, but has happened to the best of us: don’t forget your jet ski key!
  • Ensure that you have enough gas
  • Take enough life jackets for everyone that will use the jet ski.
  • Before unloading your jet ski, take a look at the ramp and make sure it’s in good conditions to avoid having a bad experience.

The proper way to load and unload the jet ski

How to unload the jet ski

  1. Remove the strap from the back of the craft
  2. At this time, you’ll want to ensure once again that your jet ski will start
  3. Reverse your trailer into the water until the rear of your jet ski starts to float
  4. Release the safety chain and loosen the winch strap
  5. Push your jet ski into the water
  6. Make sure that the water is more than a meter deep before starting your jet ski
  7. Start your jet ski and let the adventure begin!

Now let’s learn  how to load the jet ski back to your trailer

  1. Check that the trailer is strongly attached to the vehicle to avoid any incident.
  2. Back the trailer down the ramp just enough to allow you to float the jet ski onto it.
  3. Winch the craft back onto the trailer yourself or drive it up onto the trailer yourself (it depends on your experience).
  4. Before leaving the ramp, don’t forget to attach the winch strap and the safety chain.
  5. We recommend starting the engine in order to blow water out of the system.
  6. Once you finish taking the water out of the system, remove the bungs and don’t forget to reattach the safety straps that attach the rear of the craft to the trailer.
  7. It doesn’t hurt to do a final check to make sure that everything is secure – now you’re ready to go home!

Final recommendations

Loading and unloading a jet ski seems pretty simple, but without the necessary precautions it can end in expensive repairs or a serious incident.

Fun and safety go hand in hand. To have an unforgettable adventure, make sure that you have enough life jackets for everybody and ensure your drain plug is well tight before to get the jet ski into the water. Remember, to start the jet ski the water has to be one meter deep. Starting it in less than a meter deep means you’re taking the risk of sucking sand and stones into the impeller, causing serious damage.

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