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Safety tips for riding an off-road vehicle in the Sonoran Desert heat

Whether you are from Phoenix, somewhere in Arizona or from out of state, riding a motorsport vehicle is a great way to explore the beautiful Sonoran Desert. One of the benefits when riding a Cam-am in the desert is that you won’t get tired from walking, pedaling, or hiking. All you need is to get ready to see the astonishing views that the desert has to offer. It’s a perfect activity to share with family and friends.

Fun and safety go hand in hand, which is why we want you to be prepared for the Sonoran Desert heat when going on your off-road adventure. In this post, we are sharing some safety tips for riding an off-road vehicle in the Sonoran Desert heat.

It may sound pretty obvious, but the key to having a successful self-guided tour in the Sonoran Desert is to stay hydrated. Even if you’re going for a small ride, you have to be prepared if things turn out differently (like deciding last minute that you want to go for the longer trail).

Cold water: carrying cold water is always a good idea, so by the time you’re drinking, it will still be fresh.

Skin protection: make sure you apply enough sunblock, and carry it with you to protect you from the sun and the heat.

Clothing with UV protection is essential, wearing long-sleeved clothing is recommended, and sunglasses will help you have better visibility.

Head protection: a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face and head.

Clothing: Wearing the appropriate clothing will make your visit to the desert run smoothly.

Snacks, and keeping your body fueled with food throughout the day, are important to avoid feeling tired and dehydrated. You can carry some salty snacks to replenish the electrolytes you lose when being active.

The heat can cause dehydration, so it’s essential to recognize the symptoms:

  • Dry mouth, lips, eyes
  • Excessive sweating
  • Thirst
  • Headaches, nausea
  • Irritation, fatigue, disorientation, dizziness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Lack of appetite

How to treat dehydration:

  • Park your motorsport vehicle, look for shade, and get some rest (at least 10-20 minutes) and, of course, drink water.
  • You can eat a little salty snack or add electrolytes to the water, depending on how intense the symptoms are.

Usually, this is all that it takes to fully recover, but if you don’t feel much better, you should leave the trail.

Preventing is the best way to go, so don’t forget to carry extra water and drink it regularly even if you’re not thirsty. Once your water is half gone, your trail is half done, so you should start heading back.

Final recommendations

Heat exhaustion is something that you need to learn how to deal with when visiting the Arizona Desert. We want you to go on your trail well-prepared to handle the desert heat; this will help you to not miss the opportunities to see things seemingly out of this world in the Sonoran Desert.

With these simple recommendations, you can stay cool knowing that you’re going to be safe in your ATV/UTV riding. Read more about  what you should wear on your next off-road adventure.

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