Jet Ski during Summertime at the Desert

jet ski rental cave creek

Summertime is here! Are you looking to get the desert heat down? Have you considered water sports?  How about renting a Jet Ski?

If your answer is yes, we have good news for you. In this blog post, we are sharing why jet skiing is the best option to beat the summer desert heat down.

Phoenix is known as the valley of the sun because of the amount of sun it receives, but the name also comes from the Valley Salt River, in which the city lies. With this in mind not many people, other than locals, know that Phoenix is surrounded by water.

Now let’s prove why Jet skiing is a great option to get the summer desert heat down.

Easy to drive

No need to be a pro to control the jet ski, and you don’t need to worry about missing the fun if it’s your first time. At Time to Ride AZ, we have the best units with no complicated process, and no manual shifting.

No need to swim to be in the water

Something interesting about jet skiing is that you can be in the water without swimming. Let’s say you don’t like to swim but you love the water, jet skiing will do the trick for you.


In this busy world, a common dream is to get some freedom, to have your own time, to be with the people you love the most; and what better time to make your dreams come true than summertime, by going jet skiing on Bartlett Lake or Lake Pleasant at the Sonoran Desert.

Perfect family/friends activity

If you are low on cash, you can rent two jet skis and alternate with your friends and family, or you can go all out and rent one each and set up some friendly races. It is the perfect activity for a bonding time that nobody will ever forget.

Stress relief

Focusing on a specific activity will make you concentrate, while driving the jet ski you make it your center of attention, it helps you blank out any non wanted thoughts. Just by picturing yourself being in the water, feeling a little splash, you’ll feel a little stress-relieving sensation, don’t wait, contact us to book your next unforgettable jet ski adventure.

Jet Ski Rental at Bartlett Lake and Lake Pleasant with Time to Ride # 1 Tours Rental Company in Cave Creek, AZ

Make your summer vacation remarkable with the ride of a lifetime on our Yamaha WaveRunners EX Deluxe, spending the day at the astonishing Lake Pleasant and Lake Bartlett. These two lakes are some of the well-liked recreation destinations within the Tonto National Forest. Don’t hesitate and contact us to book your next rental jet ski!

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