Best Places for Jet Ski Rentals in Scottsdale

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The heat is here, and there isn’t a better way to deal with it than enjoying it! You may be thinking “ how can I enjoy the heat?” Simple, just throw on some suntan lotion, rent a jet ski, and head straight to the lake.

There are a lot of opportunities in Scottsdale at summertime. In this blog post we are sharing some of the best places for Jet Skiing that you shouldn’t miss this summer, like Bartlett lake and Pleasant Lake.

Let’s start with Lake Pleasant, It is one of the most popular water sports recreation centers, and the largest lake in the Scottsdale area. Go to Lake Pleasant, you will have an unforgettable adventure with your family and friends. Lake Pleasant offers plenty of areas, it is 116 miles of shoreline, so there’s plenty of space for your family to settle in.

This lake has breathtaking scenery surrounding the lake; mountain towers around the lake, complemented by clear blue skies in the afternoon, and burning fiery orange for the early birds, during dawn. They say 1,000 words can paint a pretty picture, but in this case, you must see it for yourself!!!

It’s located 35 miles from downtown Phoenix and is a haven for water enthusiasts.

The other destination we encourage you to visit is Lake Bartlett, formed by Bartlett Dam and fed by the Verde River, known for its amazing views of surrounding desert mountains and Saguaro-studded foothills.

It has 2,800 acres of water surface, when full, it is approximately 12 miles long, and its average depth of 100 feets. You can have an idea of the space you will have to enjoy in a watercraft. This lake has magic scenes, one side of the beach is gently sloping, and the other has mountains.

It’s the second largest lake in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, behind Lake Pleasant. It is located 32 miles from Scottsdale and about 22 miles northeast of Carefree, Arizona.

Take advantage of the heat, and come to Scottsdale to enjoy the best family outdoor activity. Don’t miss these astonishing views and the opportunity to feel the lake breeze at Lake Pleasant or Lake Bartlett.

Final recommendations:

We hope that, after reading this blog post, you will agree that there are still plenty of opportunities for you to explore Scottsdale’s Sonoran Desert during the summertime, like Arizona’s gorgeous lakes.

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