How to get back on a jet ski after falling off

A fall when riding a jet ski may happen, but it’s nothing to be scared of. In this blog post, we want you to learn how to get back on the jet ski if you fall.

How to avoid falling from a jet ski

Maintaining proper balance while riding the jet ski will help you prevent a fall. The best way to have stability is to sit down on the jet ski seat with your feet placed forward on its running boards and your back slightly bent. This way, you’ll have a safe and stable position and it will allow you to better absorb the shock of rogue or larger waves if you’re on the sea; this is why lakes in Arizona are a great option to enjoy a jet ski ride.

Riding a jet ski on Bartlett or Pleasant Lake this summer is a terrific option to cool the heat down while having fun with your loved ones.

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Now let’s learn how to get back on the jet ski after falling off

  • First of all, remember to stay calm and swim back to your jet ski (you need to paddle to the back of the jet ski, so the jet ski stays stable).
  • Grab the reboarding handle of the jet ski, or place two hands on the back of the water vehicle.
  • Once you feel that you have a good grip, try to pull yourself up while kicking both of your feet in the water. When you’re on the watercraft, place your feet in a spot where you can regain balance faster. Carefully sit back and grab a hold of the handles.
  • Finally, reattach the safety lanyard, and then enjoy your jet ski rental again!

Final thoughts

It’s important to understand how to re-board your personal watercraft. Remaining calm while knowing this information is the key to not panicking. Once you’re calm, remember to always swim back to the jet ski from the rear.

We hope we have provided useful information on how to get back on a jet ski after a fall. Please don’t get nervous, you are going to be passionate about jet skiing. At Time to Ride AZ, we will provide you with all you need to enjoy your ride safely.

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