Riding an ATV/UTV through the Sonoran Desert with the fall colors

Summertime has ended and a new spectacular season is beginning in the Sonoran Desert, the fall. Scottsdale is one of the best places to enjoy unforgettable outdoor adventures like riding side by side while gazing at the astonishing Sonoran Desert’s panoramic views.

At Time to Ride AZ, we want you to know why you should visit us during the fall at Scottsdale and enjoy a ride with our ATV/UTV units.

It’s very common to think that Arizona’s Sonoran Desert has only two seasons, winter and summer. However, the Sonoran Desert has all four different seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall; the last one of which is a perfect time to come to visit the desert.

The fall at the Sonoran Desert starts at the end of September, when the rain has disappeared, which is when we can appreciate an autumn desert come to life. October begins with average highs in the 90’s and ends with highs in the low 80’s. Mornings and evenings are delightful. The afternoons have higher temperatures, often hitting 100 degrees.

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Scottsdale, which is one the fastest-growing cities in the United States over the past decades and a “most livable city” with temperatures of highs in the 80s and lows in the mid-60. It is conveniently located near the Sonoran Desert, where you can enjoy different kinds of outdoor adventures. In this beautiful city is where we are located and ready to help you have the adventure of your life.

One of the most beautiful events of the fall at the Sonoran Desert is the arrival of migratory birds from the cold north. You can see hawks of many types soaring through the sky. Prickly pear fruit, wolfberry, and hackberry might be available for the birds.

Sometimes, you might see snow during November, but it melts rather quickly. Fresh green growth bursts forth, as cacti are laden with fruit and a flurry of wildflowers add splashes of color. It’s so magical that it’s hard describe it with words; you can feel a sense of harmony restored after the rains.

Riding an UTV/ATV at the Sonoran Desert to enjoy the fall colors

To have a unique adventure, you should try exploring the Sonoran Desert riding a UTV/ATV. It is the best way to enjoy the astonishing fall desert colors at your own pace; with an off-road vehicle, there is no rush. You can enjoy the view from the desert hills while taking some pictures of the unique, pretty flora and fauna from there.

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