Tips for long-term ATV/UTV storage

Tips to store your off-road vehicle for a long period (six months or more)

Having a UTV/ATV is a great way to enjoy free time, but there may be times when you would want to take a break from the trail adventures. Are you planning on storing your off-road vehicle for more than six months? If the answer is yes, you need to take these storage tips into consideration to make the next time you take your ATV/UTV out an easier process for yourself.

Tips to store your off-road vehicle for a long period (six months or more)


A good start when planning to store your off-road vehicle is to wash it. Dust and debris are not good friends of your vehicle. After washing it, don’t forget to dry it. When a UTV/ATV isn’t completely dry, it can get rust, mold, or mildew on some parts.


Remove the battery for storage longer than a year. The idea of removing the battery for long-term storage is because the battery is going to die if left connected. It may not even be able to charge again, to the point that you’ll have to buy a new battery.


Storing the ATV/UTV for a long time can cause part of the tires to get flat. It’s recommended to inflate your tires as much as possible, remember that your tires bear the full weight of your vehicle. If you can, place some blocks to lift your off-road vehicle off the ground. Check the tires every now and then if you are able; it would be great.

Fuel tank

Check what type of fuel tank your ATV/UTV has. If you have a plastic one, drain the gas out entirely. It’s not appropriate to keep the gas in your fuel tank for a long time without use, since the gas can pull chemicals out of the plastic.

If your ATV/UTV has a metal tank, it’s better to fill the tank up and add a fuel stabilizer. You have to run the engine to make sure the product you added reaches throughout the system.


The place where you’re going to store your unit is essential to keep all the parts in optimal condition. An indoor location would be the best option, but if you don’t have one, think about looking for a small storage unit. If the only alternative that you have is an outdoor location, ensure your ATV/UTV doesn’t get too much light or direct sun exposure, as it can bleach the plastic’s color over time. Getting a cover for your outdoor vehicle is a good idea.

Final thoughts

Protecting your investments is a wise decision, and high-quality storage shouldn’t be an exception. We hope these ideas help you with your ATV/UTV storage process. If you just want to store your ATV/UTV for a few months, you don’t need to take all the steps on this list.

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