Jet ski before summer ends in Bartlett Lake and Pleasant Lake

Summer is saying goodbye and you haven’t gotten on a jet ski yet? If this is your situation, you should know that you’re not alone. Time goes by so fast that we don’t have enough time for recreational activities, but the good news is that you’re still on time!

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Roosevelt Lake, The World’s Largest Man-Made Lake

Well known as the world’s largest man-made, Roosevelt lake is the oldest of the six reservoirs constructed and operated by the Salt River Project. It also has the largest storage capacity of the SRP lakes, with the ability to store 1,653,043 acre feet (2.039 km3) of water when the conservation limit of Roosevelt Dam is reached. When the dam is in flood-control mode, the lake can store 2,910,200 acre⋅ft (3.590 km3) of water.

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